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kat ღ auste
06 March 2020 @ 07:25 pm

LOL I fail at banners. Original image is here.

So hi, I'm Kat (or Auste). I'm 21 years old, a Psychology major, writer and LJRPer. The way I see it, there are six logical ways for you to stumble upon my journal.

1. You knew me back when I was still using austere_flare.
2. You knew me from the games I am currently active in - sirenspull, soul_campaign and somarium and [info]route_29
3. You know me IRL.
4. You found me spazzing in fandoms such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass, Ace Attorney, etc. My interests should tell you some if not all of my fandoms.
5. Any combination of the above.
6. Completely random search?

Comment here if you want to add me and if you think one glance at your LJ username won't be enough for me to recognize you. This LJ contains the following:

- fandom spazzing
- random spazzing
- RL spazzing
- rants
- abuse of caps lock
- ramblings
- fanfics
- pic spams
- links to stuff I want to show you guys
- EMOTIONAL STUFF I DON'T EVEN I'll just blame hormones and growing up, okay?